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Thanks for the help! As I said to Loris, I've had issues with the same batch of COT before. I purchased it maybe two years ago. Has anyone else experienced anything like this... maybe they have changed the paper?

OK, I won't use Tween, and will be watching for overbrushing.

- Jalo

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Just read your blog. Seems like you have lots of issues. Perhaps that is the fun part: discovery and learning.
It has been a couple of years since I printed "Ziatype" and I use that tern loosely to include ferric ammonium oxalate/palladium POP. I can not remember having any issues with coating, so after reading your blog I just coated a copulple of test strips with ferrix ammonium oxalate/Na2PdCl4 mix (this is my standard palladium solution). No surfactants of any kind. I only have an old batch of Arches platine that I have used for years for palladium printing. The coating is as sommoth as baby's behind. I did use COT 320 in the past and never had any issues with coating. I would suggest a couple of things: has the paper changed? Are you using too much solution and overbrushing? You should not need a surfactant, so cut it out. I am exposing and developing the sheets that I coated and will upload the examples later today.

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> Very interesting. COT320 normally doesn't absorb the sensitizer so easily (it's a pretty hard sized paper), and I experience no blotchiness... (You used the smooth / regular patterned side, right?) Is it possible that your stock sensitizer solutions (either the LiPd or the AFO) are somehow bad? Also, you mention *Tween*. I don't use it with COT320, I never had to use any surfactant for any of the alt-processes I did before - except for trad. cyanotype and some paper combinations. Have you tried w/o tween? (I just left using surfactants; when the paper is stubborn, I just extend the sensitizer with water...)
> In any case, I would try to fix what's going wrong before venturing printing real images; to me it seems that you won't be able to use the full potential of the process with the current working parameters... (You really need to see 27-29 distinct and smooth steps - in the 31-step tablet test - to make sure your process works as intended...)
> Regards and good luck!
> Loris.
> On 07.Ağu.2010, at 00:39, Vedos wrote:
> > After another day of (test) printing I am pretty sure this is not a paper issue... made more tests on different papers. I also exposed one in sunlight, I had 16 minutes exposure instead of the uv unit's 4 minutes (but it was at 10 am, and the sun's power is much weaker here in Finland than, say, in Turkey ;)
> >
> > Again, a short report of the day on the blog: vedos.samk.fi.
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