[alt-photo] Re: Can I convert a light table to UV light source?

Loris Medici mail at loris.medici.name
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1. (Maybe too obvious but:) Don't forget to replace the plexi with clear
glass; the regular plexiglass won't let UV pass through...
2. If the tubes are placed too close to the glass and/or they're too far
apart each other, you may experience uneven illumination = uneven exposure!
3. The original ballasts may not be compatible with your UV bulbs. (BTW,
electronic ones are the best, both in terms of longevity and
4. I think it's best (optimum) that you assemble a unit yourself. (Use the
help of an electrician for the wiring - if you aren't competent!) Having
10cm (4") space between the bulbs and contact printing frame's glass and 1.5
- 2cm (~ 5/8 - 6/8") between the bulbs will give you very even


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Can I convert a light table to UV light source by just replace 24" or 48"
regular light tube with BL or BLB light tube the same size and use as a UV
light table/box?

Usually a light table has 2-4 tubes. Will the UV light power might be

Let's say the light box has 4x48" tubes, how long time it takes to expose a
cyanotype prints? My regular mid-day cyanotype takes 12-24 minutes.

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