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	Books are a major PITA to get here in Barbados because I have to
order them from overseas and then we pay shipping (mucho dinero) duty and
VAT on them.  Used books are a boon to us.  
	Here is a proposal: If you are going to divest yourself of some
photo books, might you let me know which ones?  If I am interested and you
are willing, I could have my NYC bank send you a check as an advance to
cover shipping and you could donate them in this direction, not only for my
library but because I teach photo courses at the local university and
community college.  
	I would suggest surface book rate as I am not in a hurry.  Any

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Yes, a very good resource, especially since so cheap. I bought an extra to
(gasp) cut one up with a razor to scan for Powerpoints in my alt class.
There is no way to photograph or scan such a tight, small book with so many
pages, and the works are so beautiful to show on the screen, especially when
talking about that generation of work, Pictorialsim moving into Modernism.

Weston Naef's Collection of Alfred Stieglitz is a great resource, too,
although pix BW. It is right now $4 at abebooks.com...very thick, large

Abebooks.com has been a huge boon for me. Just ordered the bromoil book that
Ed Buffaloe talks about in his bromoil article on Unblinkingeye.com.
Speaking of bromoil, there was a new book last year that is pretty darn
good, too--Derek Watkins Bromoil A Foundation Course.

I've got to start divesting myself of books...luckily I have a wonderful new
library here that loves donations.

Christina Z. Anderson

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>            My friend, Stephen, who lives in Dallas loves to go to a well
> known (but not by me) discount book store to browse.  He found two copies
> (and sent me one) of the TASCAN book STEIGLITZ: CAMERA WORK comprising all
> the photos that appeared in Camera Work.  Having seen a number of the
> original gravures I find the book a bit small and the repro slightly dark
> and heavy.  That being said, it is wonderful to see all the photos in one
> book!  
>            Have any of you seen and/or bought this book?  Amazon sells it
> for around $11 and Stephen got them for $7 each.  
>                        CHEERS!
>                                    BOB
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