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If your real world has mostly palladium in your print, then the effect may
be vey small, but if your prints are mostly PT, it may be a lot. Certainly
enough to show up so a quick test against one's standard should be looked

I think you'd be better off adding the water back in now. The crystals on
the bottom of the bottle will be hard to get out and such a small weight you
will not be able to weigh the with great accuracy unless you have a very
good scale. 

Most printers have solutions of palladium far from saturation however. If
you follow B&S formula, there is a lot of head room before you approach
saturation with an Na based palladium solution. you platinum is the only one
at a high level. I did notice that Artcraft is selling the ammonium based
platinum which allows you to have more pt in solution. It is close to the
same price per gram too.   

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I understand, but for day-to-day "real world" photographic purposes, I don't

think it'll make a bit of difference.


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> Paul,
>> .. It doesn't mean that there will be less metal salts on the 
>> print/paper, to the contrary, your liquid is saturated with as much metal

>> as it can hold.
> This may be misleading. If a saturated solution is cooled and some salt 
> becomes insoluble, the amount of solute in the same volume of solution is 
> lowered, and there will be less metal salts on the paper. Of course, if 
> the amount of precipitate is negligible, it will be not a real concern.
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