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Eric Neilsen ejnphoto at sbcglobal.net
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And that's part of the issue. I didn't see the message that Paul referred to
because it was a digest comment. The digest had gotten quite large. Is the
band width really the issue?  Or is it where the reply is pasted? 

I suppose that if you are using an ipad or smart phone to check it could be
a PIA. It also could be a nice to leave it.

Is the flap up over just the last few messages or has that been an ongoing
issue? I find it MOST difficult to read through some of the point by point
comments that are posted too. But do I really need to bust someone's chops
over it? No. 

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Don wrote:

>Come on people please learn the art of judicious post trimming when you
>a reply to the list!

On a similar note, as long as we're on the subject:  If you receive 
the list in digest form, when you reply to a message on-list PLEASE 
edit the "Subject:" header to reflect the particular message you are 
replying to.  Messages with the default "Alt Photo Digest..." Subject 
header are uselessly uninformative, and they seem to be on the rise lately.

Best regards,


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