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Eric Neilsen ejnphoto at sbcglobal.net
Mon Dec 27 23:30:02 GMT 2010

I am referring to Platine. I think it is a problem is getting paper made.
Bergger silver papers were out of production shortly after they were in
production. : o (  The changing world of paper again has thrown the wrench
in our lives.  Some will be looking for the silver bullet, the magic brush,
the oh la la. Well, it sucks. Take a few days off and the next thing you
know the universe will be upside down and black holes will be bright white
light, and.. 


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heehehehe just kidding,

But the previous post was trimmed Eric, so I am not sure if you are
referring to Stonehenge or Arches Platine?  If Arches Platine, that sucks!
I needed to get some for some tests!

Best Wishes,

Mark Nelson

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In checking with NY Central and Daniel Smith today, March is the date given
by DS to have it back in stock. There was no mention that B&S would be the
only supplier of it though. 

Eric Neilsen
4101 Commerce Street, Suite 9
Dallas, TX 75226

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