[alt-photo] Re: Pt paper (WAS: Over Trimming)

etienne garbaux photographeur at nerdshack.com
Tue Dec 28 06:45:48 GMT 2010

Mark wrote:

>My understanding was that there was a rush on Arches Platine when 
>Bergger COT 320 was unavailable and the batch that was available was 
>used up, so Arches is having to make a new batch.  I hope they don't 
>"improve" it.

Even if they don't try to improve it, every batch will be 
significantly different -- that's just the nature of making 
complicated recipes in a batch process (as opposed to a continuous 
line).  With paper products, the production of which uses a number of 
toxic chemicals that regulators are increasingly trying to control, 
it is often not possible to make the next batch exactly the same way 
as the last.

Anyone who wants to minimize batch-to-batch variability should start 
printing on plastic sheets, Tyvek, aluminum, ceramic, or similar substrates.

Alternatively, if you find a paper you really like, buy a lot of 
it.  Not hundreds of sheets, tens of thousands of sheets (or whatever 
will be a lifetime supply).  And store it properly.

Best regards,


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