[alt-photo] Re: Multi coat Gum -3rd+ coats tends to wash off

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The paper is Fabriano Artistico Hot Pressed Extra white. I did not 
use any additional sizing. I believe that the manufacturer is 
internally sizing it with AKD, which does a pretty good job .AFAIK 
some gum printers add their own sizing to this paper while others do 
not because it is very "gum compatible" right out of the box.


Peter Friedrichsen

At 02:48 PM 02/23/2010, you wrote:
>Hi Peter,
>What paper, including finish, are you using? What are you using as a size?
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>Subject: [alt-photo] Multi coat Gum -3rd+ coats tends to wash off
>Has anyone experienced the following problem?
>When doing three or more separate coats of gum, I find that the third (and
>all subsequent)coats have a tendency to wash off. The wash off occurs only
>where the previous undercoats remain. In areas where the paper remains
>uncoated (highlights), the top coat will anchor. I am guessing that the
>fibers, voids, etc are being filled in and the top coat has little left to
>anchor to.
>There must be something that I do not have right but am unsure of what that
>might be. When I tested the individual coats on clean paper, they adhere
>well and do not flake or wash off and produce an image with good scale.
>Any ideas?
>Peter Friedrichsen
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