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            I have been enjoying making up to 17X22 negs with my Epson 3800
with Inkpress film for about 2 years.  Suddenly I have small parallel lines
on the neg (clear) and pt/pd print (dark).  They are pairs of lines running
in the same direction that the film passes through the printer. The lines
are about 1.5 mm apart, the pairs are about 15 mm apart, and they extend
over the entire film.    

            I print the negs using the exact settings recommended by Dan
Burkholder for the 3800 and Inkpress film:

            No color management

            SuperPhoto 2880 dpi

            High Speed

            Flip horizontal

            Enhanced Matte Paper

            Advanced B&W

            Color toning: fine adjustment:  40 horizontal, 48 vertical

            Tone: darkest

            Max Optical Density

            Paper Configuration:  Color density 25, Paper thickness 2 mm,
Platen Gap-narrow 

*****The only change I made was to set the drying time to about 0.2 secs as
I work in a relatively humid environment: but I 

                        have always used this setting and didn't have this
problem with pairs of lines before.


            Any idea what it is?  Rollers need cleaning?  If so, can anyone
send me instructions?  Or might it be something else?





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