[alt-photo] Re: Monitor Recommendations?

Huib Smeets huib at huibsmeets.com
Mon Oct 11 08:07:22 GMT 2010

Check that it has an IPS panel (IPS, TN are different technologies used
for LCD panels), IPS is broadly regarded as the better tech as amongst
others it has a wider viewing angle (=less color/luminance change
depending on the viewing angle).

Lot of cheaper monitor's suffer from edge/corner backlight bleeding that
also effects the perceived luminance.

Op Ma, 11 oktober, 2010 03:47, schreef Michael Koch-Schulte:
>   Look at Dell's Ultrasharp line. Samsung's Synchmaster. How much do you
> want to spend? Some of the high end monitors can sell for $2-3,000
> ~m
> On 10/10/2010 8:15 PM, Jon Lybrook wrote:
>>  Hi All,
>> I'm interested in upgrading my computer monitor.  Any recommendations
>> for something pro-sumer/professional grade that will provide accurate
>> greyscale rendering?
>> Thanks,
>> Jon
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