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	Thanks for your suggestion but I got the same scratches from back
loading as I have from top loading with my Epson 3800.  As a matter of fact
I passed a piece of film through using the back loader without printing on
it and the pizza wheels scratched the film itself, with nothing printed on
it!!!  As the pizza wheels are *after* the printing process I don't see how
back loading would make any difference.  
	I am tempted to take your first suggestion about removing the pizza
wheel assembly but, after wasting 6 sheets of 17X22 Inkpress film, I may rip
the pizza wheels out with my teeth then howl at the moon in victory!  ;-))

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Soem people have removed the wheel assembly (not sure how it's done or what 
the ramifications are).

Also, a simple way around it is to use the front or rear feed, with the OHP 
on a backing sheet if needed.


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>            I know I have read in the past that some of you had trouble 
> with
> your pizza wheels, perhaps on Epson printers.  I have confirmed that the
> pizza wheels are the problem with printing digital negs with my Epson 3800
> on Inkpress.
>            I recall that some of you have fixed the problem.  Please send
> me your suggestions.I am desperate.
>                        CHEERS!
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