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Thanks to all who have replied with suggestions.  The consensus seems to be
to use the front load.  Dan Burkholder who sells the Inkpress has confirmed
that, with front load, the film never passes under the pizza wheels.  
I will try that tomorrow.  Of to teach and shoot today...
	Thanks again!

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Hi Bob

I came across this page a while back while having the same problem:


I ended up just using less ink and the problem went away, so I never  
went that route.


On 12-Oct-10, at 6:42 PM, BOB KISS wrote:

>            I know I have read in the past that some of you had  
> trouble with
> your pizza wheels, perhaps on Epson printers.  I have confirmed that  
> the
> pizza wheels are the problem with printing digital negs with my  
> Epson 3800
> on Inkpress.
>            I recall that some of you have fixed the problem.  Please  
> send
> me your suggestions.I am desperate.
>                        CHEERS!
>                                    BOB
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