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Christina Anderson zphoto at montana.net
Sat Oct 23 15:56:38 GMT 2010

Dear All,

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. It has been quite a busy fall for me prepping a brand new class and making new work for several concurrent shows, with little posting on the alt list but at least I am able to read the posts! Well, what few there have been...

I am finally in a partial lull--for a day.

We seem to be an illustrious group with all the latest beautiful showings that have been posted! Keith, great work!! I cannot IMAGINE how long that project took.

Anyone buy the Fox Talbot book by Batchen, btw? He is a fave writer of mine. Bruce Campbell told me about it.

This fall has been so beautiful, that I was actually able to mordancage 52 images outdoors and in my garage in September while it was in the 80's outside. I actually got sunburned! Unheard of weather, and it continues. 
Now I know people like you, Don Bryant, don't find that unusual in your neck of the woods. But we usually have a snowstorm by now!
Here the project is--completed: 

Also, two other shows up now, or almost: those in Asheville can see 6 of my gum prints at UNC Gallery, weekdays 9-6, Oct 1-Nov 9. Family of Origin work. Those in Auburn, WA can see 45 of my Squish series (not the originals, but printed LARGE on Sintra) here after I think it is November 3:
Green River Community College  The Helen S. Smith Gallery 12401 SE 320th Street.
If you do go would you PLEASE send pix?? I won't be able to be there. I made 24 new squish gums for that exhibit, that are not posted on my website. So I have been gumming it up as well. I am SO OVER that project--60 total squishes. It'll take a really unusual squish item for me to continue as enough has been said.

Anyone use Bismuth Yellow PY184 regularly? I was wondering how it compares to other yellows. I think I have the number right. I usually use PY150 as my favorite and very concentrated yellow. It is really quite beautiful, and in one of the gums of a yellow condom, bright yellow, it is truly bright yellow. Even at 1 tube in 485ml gum!!!

I have an incredible bunch of students this semester as well in my Experimental class. They have done wonderful chromos and mordancages and some are now working on mordancaging negatives. Very exciting stuff. 
Bookmark this guy, here, for some of that:
Jace graduates this December and I don't know what I'll do without him around, torturing negatives and positives :) There's another one, Sam Reinsel, who has been doing similar work since even before he enrolled in my Experimental Class but don't know his website yet.

So that is all the good news in my life at the moment! I'll spare the humdrum, personal, or even bad stuff :)

Christina Z. Anderson

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