[alt-photo] Re: direct positive paper

etienne garbaux photographeur at nerdshack.com
Sat Oct 23 18:06:02 GMT 2010

Christina wrote:

>Ilford/Harman is now making a direct positive paper!
>Anyone use this yet and can report results?

I did some preliminary tests and found it too contrasty for direct 
in-camera exposure unless the scene is very, very low contrast.  Even 
under heavily overcast skies, I had to blow out parts of the sky to 
get decent shadow separation.  You can pre-flash, but if the scene 
has anything resembling highlights they fog and blow out very 
unattractively.  I tried several low-contrast developers to no avail 
and gave up.

Do take their warning about latent image fading seriously -- you need 
to expose within minutes of a flashing exposure and process within 
10-15 minutes of exposure.

I don't know if US distribution has been organized yet -- mine was 
shipped in by a friend.

It is WAY too contrasty for making enlarged negatives in one step.

Best regards,


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