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> Below you say, '...some...duplicating materials "are" made 
> that
> way...".  The word that got my attention was "are".  For 
> years I hunted for
> a direct positive duplicating film of at least 16X20 or, 
> better, 20X24 size
> in Europe, the US, and Japan to no avail.  The only thing 
> I found was X-ray
> dupe film (used to make multiple copies of original X-ray 
> film images) which
> worked reasonably well but not great.
> Do you know of any dupe films available in my required 
> films that
> are still being made and are available?
    I think I mislead  you for which I appologize. It was a 
sort of generic "are". I don't know what is made any more. 
The type of material that was pre-fogged was made by Kodak 
for various purposes mainly for duplicating negatives in one 
step to avoid generational losses. I no longer remember the 
name of the material.

Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles, CA, USA
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