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Kevin Morris kmorris at stouffer.net
Fri Oct 29 12:31:17 GMT 2010

No, I wish I were doing platinum printing. I'm using the film to make 
Stouffer step wedges and various other control targets.

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Kevin, Are you using this for platinum printing? This was the frustrating
part of trying to make the transition between 4125 days and all the rest;
testing , batch to batch changes, waste of time, etc.

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Okay, first off, sorry for the empty reply. I'm using a laptop for the first

time and am still getting used to it. I keep touching the mouse pad while I
type and depending on where the mouse happens to be I'll send the email
before I've typed.

Anyway, I have tried the Adox Copy. It is useable for small jobs. However,
it isn't consistent enough from batch to batch. The problem we run into with

most of the film we have tested is that once we test a small amount (usually

100 sheets or so) and decide to give it a wider testing the next batch of
film that comes in isn't anywhere near what the the last batch was like.
There have been coating problems, different base color and density curves
that are nowhere close to previous curves.

I won't go into a lot of how we make the 21 step, among others, but I can
say what we use. We use approximately 10,000 sheets of IOP a year along with


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