[alt-photo] Casein, whey, and palak paneer (was Re: I know, another sizing question)

Trevor Cunningham trevor at chalkjockeys.com
Thu Sep 9 15:58:56 GMT 2010

  Fascinating. I was looking back at casein and realized that it 
matches, exactly, my recipe for making paneer cheese...which, as it 
turns out, is the casein. I had been under the very incorrect assumption 
that the whey was the casein. However, with a little digging, I 
discovered that whey isolate (a popular body-building product) has been 
used as a paper sizing agent for food packaging. Could it be possible 
that the whey resulting from the casein-making process could be a 
potential sizing agent with some tweaking? Am I going off the deep end?

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