[alt-photo] no shrink, no size tricolor gums

Charles Ryberg cryberg at comcast.net
Sun Sep 12 20:08:07 GMT 2010

 I'm trying to make tricolor gums on FAB using the no shrink, no size method 
mentioned here recently.  I have made three curves which appear to give good 
results as far as color and tone go, but they require at least an hour wash 
per coat.  I'm having registration problems which I think might be caused by 
the excessive soaking--so, I want to try new color mixes (and, of course, 
calculate new curves) which will clear more quickly.  My current mixes are 
made from (pigment/gum/water stock), gum, saturated potassium dichromate all 
three in equal volumes.       I expose for between 4 and 6 minutes 
(depending on color) under BL tubes.

My guess would be to expose less and accept some loss of DMAX.  Could I make 
up for this by increasing the pigment load?

Any other suggestions.  Please remember the goal is not to size.

Thanks    Charles   Portland Oregon 

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