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Wed Apr 6 15:15:16 GMT 2011


Is your work online anywhere? The gallery doesn't have an exhibition preview 
on their site...



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> Last fall I was contacted by Courtney Johnson of the Jenkins Johnson 
> Gallery in San
> Francisco about a cliche verre exhibit that was being planned.  They chose 
> six of
> my cliche verre prints (two in cyanotype) to be in the exhibit.  The 
> opening is this
> Thursday (April 7, 5:30-7:30).   I have flown out from DC to be at the 
> opening (and
> visit my daughter).   I would enjoy meeting any list members who are in 
> the area
> and can attend the opening.  Look for an old woman with a long gray braid. 
> The
> address is 464 Sutter Street, San Francisco.
> Suzanne Izzo
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