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You can buy the caseinate from Kremer premixed or in powder form, here:
Christina Z. Anderson

On Apr 11, 2011, at 2:33 PM, Marek Matusz wrote:

> Chris,
> Trying to follow up on this long strand of posts.
> First of all you images are wonderful and I am so inspired with earth tone tricolors. I am not quite sure what casein source and salt are you using. DId you buy ammonium caseinate (where from), or did you make it from scratch? 
> Marek
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>> Dear All,
>> I am continuing to work out the casein details, but thought I'd share a picture that applies to what I think Peter said, about the viscosity of casein that goes way up with percentage solutions. Peter, you are NOT kidding.
>> http://christinaanderson.visualserver.com/Text_page.cfm?pID=2076
>> This is a picture of the immediate viscosity of 10% vs 15% sodium caseinate.
>> Have to go to school now but when I return I will see if it eventually liquifies, but this explains to me the vast differences between Schmincke and Kremer sodium caseinate/borax solution. The thick stuff is 15% and if Jacques was right, it may be Schmincke thinner stuff is 10-12%.
>> No conclusions drawn quite eyt, but that ammonium caseinate behaves quite differently, whipping up in either concentration as whipped egg whites and then going into solution within a couple hours.
>> More thoughts on this later but at least this will start a Monday morning conversation off.
>> BTW more caseins up on my website in the Past Lives folder. All are made with earth pigments (iron oxides, ultramarine no gum arabic), because I wanted to make sure not to muck up my observations with watercolor that contains gum arabic. Now comparing same images made with the usual magenta/thalo/azo yellow watercolors for comparison.
>> Taught casein in class last Wednesday and one student got a full tricolor in 2 hr. That's enough to make the process appealing, huh? A couple students were immediately hooked, and this is while they are still in their gum unit.
>> Chris
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