[alt-photo] Storage life of diluted Gamblin PVA

Don Bryant donsbryant at gmail.com
Tue Apr 12 20:37:10 GMT 2011

I wonder if anyone can comment of the storage life of diluted Gamblin PVA
using distilled water.


Don Bryant

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Yes, you are exactly right-and you seem to handle your casein the same as I
do. Ammonia breaks down the casein quickly at first and then progressively
slower. When all is said and done, the ammonia odor becomes less pronounced
as it balances with the dissolved casein leaving a "clean" smell.

Peter J. Blackburn

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> Chris, 
> > ... I was able to get samples of sodium and ammonium which I mixed with
no added alkali. I wanted to compare apples to apples in the mixing.
Ammonium does get thinner after a few days and I am waiting to see if sodium
does, too.
> The alkalies break the bonds among carboxylic and amino group of the
> which is a protein. The stronger the alkaly, the faster should be this 
> effect.
> When I prepared my mix from casein and ammonia, I found that it would last

> about a week in a tightly sealed jar in my refrigerator. However, as I
> already told, such a mix can be ready for use in less about half an hour. 
> Alberto 
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