[alt-photo] for you non-casein types, anthotype

francis schanberger frangst at gmail.com
Fri Apr 22 19:27:40 GMT 2011

If variety of the spice of life, as of late I have been experimenting with
anthotype which I hope to continue during my residency in Boston this
summer. My blog has turned into a anthotype pigment preparation, trials and
errors. Unfortunately we are in the rainy season in Ohio and over the last 3
weeks, I can count the number of sunny days on one hand.

My tests and preparation with small purple flowers is heading into the
"printing frame outside" but with the lack of direct sunlight I am going to
need to find an indoor alternative. There are also examples of two pokeberry
juice anthotypes I have made over the last two months.

Head on over to...


...if you want to see my sufferings. Later today and Sunday I have a lot of
flower picking to do.

francis schanberger


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