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            Dick's thread on his new process got me thinking about the
economics of toning silver alt prints like salt and albumen.  One would have
to live in a cave not to know that gold has reached its highest price ever
on the metals market.  

Depending on the supplier, gold chloride comes in at about $44 per gram and
palladium chloride comes in at about $28 per gram.  Is it only the color and
aesthetics that keep us all using gold to tone our silver alt prints instead
of palladium?  Or are there issues of permanence (though I doubt it)?  

I haven't tried a palladium toner yet but since I buy palladium in larger
quantities for palladium printing I get a better price per gram and since
the price of gold chloride keeps climbing, it seems like a darned good time
to try palladium toner on some salt and albumen prints.  

I am hoping to hear from anyone with experience with this.





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