[alt-photo] Re: casein odd process

Keith Gerling keith.gerling at gmail.com
Wed Aug 31 13:59:14 GMT 2011

This is very interesting.  I had just assumed that the process you has
referred to was the one in the Sherer book where casein was used like
albumen.  This one?  What is it supposed to DO?  Just FAC in an emulsion?  I
don't get it.  I'm no chemist but I sense something is missing!


On Wed, Aug 31, 2011 at 8:44 AM, Christina Anderson <zphoto at montana.net>wrote:

> Keith,
> Since you asked....
> In searching for casein (still) the one formula I came across a patent for:
> 5g of anhydrous casein, 75 ml water, 2 ml ammonia, and 2.5 g ferric ammonium
> citrate (FAC). Brushed on paper.
> I have found continually that casein cannot be mixed with metallic salts
> because they will, what is the term, "throw down" and insolubilize. This is
> one advantage I see in gum is the ability to mix stock pigment solutions
> with no hardening.
> Chris
> Christina Z. Anderson
> christinaZanderson.com
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