[alt-photo] Re: Replacing Epson 1270

David Hatton davidh6180483 at googlemail.com
Thu Feb 3 12:43:41 GMT 2011

Hi Loris,
I use QTR which results in a dark greeny-black color. It (QTR) uses
black, yellow and cyan in the output.

It works fine for me.


On 2/3/11, Loris Medici <mail at loris.medici.name> wrote:
> David, with the R1400, are you using colorized negatives or do you print
> grayscale? If the latter, are you using black-only or all-inks?
> TIA,
> Loris.
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> Hi Rajul,
> I think the replacement for the 1270 is the R1400 which is a superb dye ink
> printer. I use one to good effect for Gum and Palladium printing. Don't know
> about the Artisan I'm afraid Davidh
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