[alt-photo] Re: Gum Bichomate used as a resist for metal printing

Michael Koch-Schulte mkochsch at shaw.ca
Sat Feb 5 16:29:20 GMT 2011

...it just dawned on my that you're going to polymerise the gum with 
bichromate which is of course going to make it insoluble in water. Your 
possibilities for using an etch then broaden (I'd try high strength 
hydrogen peroxide maybe). How do you remove the hardened gum after the 
etch though? ~m

On 2/5/2011 6:12 AM, Keith Gerling wrote:
> Some years ago I remember seeing some links to some metal work.  I believe
> the artist used gum to create a resist and then allowed corrosion to create
> the image on steel.  Does anyone have these links bookmarked?
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