[alt-photo] Re: pigment problem

Julian Smart juliansmart at virginmedia.com
Wed Feb 9 19:36:05 GMT 2011

Hi Tom,

This was indeed my method until just recently when I decided I couldn't 
stand the large amounts of formaldehyde. It does work in my opinion better 
than any other form of sizing/hardening I have tried- I was able to size my 
sheets of paper perfectly and with no uneveness or streaking. The biggest 
problem I have with this method is having to dry my prints indoors-the fumes 
are too much- tried it in the garage but too much concrete dust!

I will crack this new method- Ian Hooper sugested a few drops of vinegar to 
make the gel. acidic which slows down the rate of hardening. Still doesn't 
solve my original pigment problem- I merely switched to a different pigment 
and got a perfect result........


>Well, it seems that the pigment problem is solved, but you still seem to be
having sizing issues. Why don't you just coat with plain gelatine and harden
later with a formalin solution? It is slightly more work, but you will never
have the problem of the gelatine hardening too fast. I apply two coats of 3%
gelatine and harden after they are well dry.

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