[alt-photo] Re: pigment problem

Julian Smart juliansmart at virginmedia.com
Thu Feb 10 20:08:14 GMT 2011

Hi Loris,

I've now tried two different tubes of this paint and had much the same 
result ( bought the second one in case there was only a problem with the 
first.) and am now not going to bother with it again. Katherine suggested 
PB60 Indanthrone would be a good alternative and she is absolutely right- 
the few prints I have made where at least some of the Indigo remained show 
it to be very similar in colour to the W+N Indigo.

Happy printing  :~)



> Ok, it's a misunderstanding then; indeed, to me, there isn't any problem
> with the workflow you've described... Could be something misterious about
> the pigment(s); maybe you can change the order of the layers as someone 
> else
> has suggested, or drop that pigment and work with another one.
> Good luck,
> Loris.

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