[alt-photo] Re: NICER NAME FOR INKJET?

Alberto Novo alt.list at albertonovo.it
Sat Feb 12 07:12:31 GMT 2011

> I won't comment on the suggestion that some are trying to hide the fact that their prints are made with an inkjet printer but, because there are dye printers (which are generally less archival) and pigment printers (which are generally more lasting), it is useful to the collector/gallery to know which type of inks were used in the print's production. 

In Italy we use both the term "pigment print" and "carbon print" for the 
true carbon prints, but someone who uses K3 inks often calls his prints 
"carbon prints" because of the nature of the inks, so increasing the 
confusion between the two (historic and contemporary) techniques. 

Perhaps "dye (or pigment) ink print" would be more honest clear. 


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