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Thanks to all who have replied.  I used Giclée for the label.  Having been
an advertising photographer in NYC in a previous incarnation all I can say
is, "You can take the boy out of the city but you can't take the city out of
the boy".

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Sudek used the term "pigment print" as well...

Maybe the best way is to educate the public about the nature of inkjet 
printing and not hide from the term. I know, it's not a romantic term, but 
things is what they is...even Irving Penn had a show a few years ago with 
inkjets (at Pace, I believe).


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>> I won't comment on the suggestion that some are trying to hide the fact 
>> that their prints are made with an inkjet printer but, because there are 
>> dye printers (which are generally less archival) and pigment printers 
>> (which are generally more lasting), it is useful to the collector/gallery

>> to know which type of inks were used in the print's production.
> In Italy we use both the term "pigment print" and "carbon print" for the 
> true carbon prints, but someone who uses K3 inks often calls his prints 
> "carbon prints" because of the nature of the inks, so increasing the 
> confusion between the two (historic and contemporary) techniques.
> Perhaps "dye (or pigment) ink print" would be more honest clear.
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