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Have you tried printing with QTR?


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> Dear All,
> This perhaps is an answer to the dreaded CS5/Snow Leopard/Epson driver 
> problem.
> I contacted Epson with my query: no ability to turn off color management, 
> colors came out easter egg colors not the normal dense ones with my 3880.
> Here is the response from Epson:
> Thank you for contacting Epson regarding your Epson Stylus Pro 3880. It is 
> my pleasure to respond to your inquiry.
> If you are running the correct driver for the printer then you would have 
> the option to disable color management in the Epson driver. Once you click 
> on print and select Printer Setting and then under Layout do you see Print 
> Features or Print Setting. If you see Print Feature then you are not 
> issuing the correct driver that is Apple driver an not Epson. To correct 
> that please do the following.
> Turn the printer OFF
> Go into Print and FAX
> Remove the SP3880 ( an any other Epson printer)
> Open the Hard Drive>Library>Printer
> Delete the whole Epson folder
> Restart you MAC and empty the trash
> Reinstall the latest driver that you downloaded from our site. 
> Epson13579.dmg and Epson13884.dmg. Install the Epson13579.dmg first and 
> then Epson13884.dmg.
> After the Reinstall restart the MAC again
> Once back on the desktop and if you are connecting USB by turning the 
> printer back on it will automatically set the printer up on your MAC. If 
> you are connecting Ethernet go into Print and Fax, click on plus button to 
> add the printer. Make sure that you are on the Default button and then 
> under Kind select EPSON TCP/IP.
> If you do see Print Setting under Layout then under Color Mode is where 
> you would disable the color management in the Epson Driver.
> I then printed some test prints with CS5 and now yes, there is the option 
> to select "no color management." I used both CS4 and CS5 and it seems CS4 
> still does a better job of printing. I also was able to up the ink density 
> to +50% and will see how that prints in gum anyway. My bigger worry is 
> platinum.
> In other words, I am finally getting somewhere, but not quite there yet. I 
> was ready to send back the 3880. The 3800 is great. The 3880 not so. It 
> has a "new feature" that enables less ink to be laid down--a GOOD thing by 
> Epson's way of thinking because it saves money, but not a good thing for 
> diginegs.
> End of story...for now.
> BTW I tried all the other workarounds and it was a no-go. This is the best 
> I have found to date.
> Chris
> Christina Z. Anderson
> christinaZanderson.com
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