[alt-photo] Re: Kentucky show argyro and gum

Marek Matusz marekmatusz at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 21 17:00:39 GMT 2011

Do you remember what was the brand of graphite pigment?
> We used 1:1 PVA sizing which seemed to be a good dilution for Rives, whereas I use 1:2 for Fabriano.
> Rene McKellar did a beautiful print in graphite gray pigment during the workshop. Loved the look, shiny subtle gray.
> Heading out to Louisville to do a day of archive research and then home. Hope I can pronounce the name correctly and not embarrass myself (LOO-ah-vul not Loo-EEE-ville) but I think I'm truly hopeless with that one so may not even try....
> Chris
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