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Christina Anderson zphoto at montana.net
Fri Feb 25 19:01:17 GMT 2011

The problem with the powder is making it go into solution from what I have read. The solution has to be alkaline, hence the ammonia, and hence the annoying odor. The liquid form is alkaline by addition of borax, also found in some of the lit I dug up, and already in solution. Heck, I think, save a step. A major, stinky step. 

I ordered both the liquid and some powder and will give it a whirl, but until then I am armchair theorizing, about as successful as those that armchair theorize about gum...

I did find a source for ammonium caseinate powder and if that easily goes into solution then problem solved. I have heard the sodium form is hard to mix.

Christina Z. Anderson

On Feb 25, 2011, at 11:45 AM, Loris Medici wrote:

> Hi Keith,
> I was using something around 30-45 secs (on a pretty standard UVBL
> bank), and still needed spraying for development - it was pretty
> robust IME. I don't remember the exact dichromate (AD that is)
> concentration, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't above 5%. (Probably 5%,
> or maybe 2.5%...)
> Hope this helps somehow, good luck. (OTOH, I'm extremely sure you'll
> find the method to make it work the way you like - nothing can escape
> from you!)
> Christina, why not getting the powder version? That's what I have -
> and have tested. There has to be some kind of preservative in the
> ready-made binder solution. I think it's better to have the powder
> form, in order to try/test different casein solution concentrations.
> (See the link to the powder product here:
> http://kremerpigments.com/shopus/index.php?cat=0210&lang=ENG&product=63200)
> 2011/2/25 Keith Gerling <keith.gerling at gmail.com>:
>> ...
>> But while we are on the subject, maybe I can ask a couple of questions of
>> anybody that has worked with casein.  I believe Loris mentioned that the
>> exposure is less than with gum.  Is that the case?  How much less?  Loris??
>> Any comment?  In my case, I cut the exposure back by 20% and the prints
>> still needed some heavy brushing/rubbing/spraying to clear.  The emulsion
>> was rather opaque compared to gum, and the print was rather similar to a
>> temperaprint.  Had the print been on paper, I doubt it would have survived.
>> So maybe i need to cut the exposure waaaaay back.
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