[alt-photo] Christina Z Anderson's post on chemigrams

douglas collins dougcollins99 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 11 12:40:49 GMT 2011

Hi Christina -

The best place to get the Pierre Cordier monograph is at the V&A bookshop in
London (vandashop.com), where it's on sale in connection with the big show
called Shadow Catchers at the V&A.  Price is 45 pounds.  They have a very
efficient online system and will ship anywhere.

Someone on the list mentioned the publisher, Editions Racine in Brussels.
Forget them, they're useless.  If you have any other questions for Pierre,
contact him directly thru his website, www.pierrecordier.com.  He has an
excellent secretary who will answer you.

Pierre's work will be shown at the Hackelbury Gallery, London, in
February-March, then at AIPAD, at the Hackelbury booth.  Also, look for an
interview with Cordier (and pictures) in the March issue of Photo Technique.

Thanks, Chris, for mentioning our blog, nonfigurativephoto.  Interested
folks could also look at my site, douglascollinspictures.com


douglas collins
cell 646-678-0172

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