[alt-photo] Re: anyone using crane's 90# cover for pt/pd...?

Christina Anderson zphoto at montana.net
Sat Jan 15 02:46:57 GMT 2011

Hi Paul
I used to use it all the time. It is thicker and more sturdy than Weston, another paper of choice that I use in my classes because of its reasonable price in large sizes (I ordered a 200 sheet pack last year of the largest size of that and it equates to well under $2 a sheet at that size and amount). My paper of choice for pt/pd is Cot320 first and Platine second, though, having large stocks of both, so I haven't used Cranes in a while, though I also have a 50-sheet pack of that, too. It is creamy in tone.
I never acidified it, nor felt I had to.
Christina Z. Anderson

On Jan 14, 2011, at 7:29 PM, Paul Viapiano wrote:

> Hi everyone...
> Hope you're all settling into the new year nicely...
> I was wondering if anyone has been using this paper for pt/pd? The Formulary has it in stock (per their website)...does it need any special handling vis a vis acidification et al...?
> I saw some beautiful prints on some type of Crane's recently and they looked beautiful.
> Thanks!
> Paul 
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