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david drake photo ddrakephoto at casadrake.ca
Fri Jan 21 21:35:02 GMT 2011

Hi John

I don't know where you're located but low humidity does not mix well  
with the iron processes. I seem to recall trying this paper years ago  
during the dry winter time and got very thin results that literally  
peeled off the paper. Vandyke likes around 50-60% humidity. I use a  
humidifier in the winter.
As for the first wash, I use filtered water with citric acid added.  
The chlorine can be a problem with clearing; but I don't think that  
would be related to your problem.
I would also let it fully ripen and then try again.


On 21-Jan-11, at 1:42 PM, John Brewer wrote:

> Hi Francis,
> Thanks for your comments. No, I didn't let the solution ripen, I'll  
> try
> again tomorrow or Sunday. The print situation is odd, I'm using  
> Fabriano
> Artistico Extra White HP 300gsm. This has worked in the past with  
> VDB and
> other alt processes so I don't think it's a soaking in the paper  
> problem,
> unless it is a precipitate that got through the filter sitting on the
> surface. Do you process in tap water or distilled water?
> John.
> On 21 January 2011 17:06, francis schanberger <frangst at gmail.com>  
> wrote:
>> John,
>> Did you let the solution ripen (sit for 24 -48 hours) after mixing?
>> Regarding the precipitate, I have noticed that if a lot forms  
>> during mixing
>> that most of it will go into solution after about a week.
>> I never have had to microwave. I usually mix the VDB in a 500mL  
>> bottle and
>> carefully transfer the solution, using a transfer (plastic)  
>> pipette, into
>> 30mL dropper bottles after it has ripened.
>> Regarding the print symptoms, I have never encountered what you have
>> described. It sounds like the emulsion isn't sinking into the paper.
>> -francis
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