[alt-photo] Re: VDB problem

Alberto Novo alt.list at albertonovo.it
Sat Jan 22 07:54:09 GMT 2011


> No, I didn't let the solution ripen, I'll try
> again tomorrow or Sunday. The print situation is odd, I'm using Fabriano
> Artistico Extra White HP 300gsm. This has worked in the past with VDB and
> other alt processes so I don't think it's a soaking in the paper problem,
> unless it is a precipitate that got through the filter sitting on the
> surface.

I mix my VDB solution and coat immediately, without ripening, and I have 
never had your problem (on traditional Fabriano Artistico, on Fabriano F5 
and on Arches Aquerelle). But I have seen something like it when I helped 
some schools. That time the cause was an excess of solution. 


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