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Mon Jan 24 06:39:35 GMT 2011

Hi Marek,

I have used this pigment (powder from from Schmincke) for my casein trials.
(It was the only powder pigment I had on hands, then...) It's a very
interesting one indeed; metallic shine/luster (exactly as you get in pencil
drawings... To me, was still visible after dry down.) and (as you also said)
perfectly neutral. Can't speak for gum, but I don't think the pigment would
change characther too much...


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The silver luster is very visible when wet in the solution and it is
absolutely neutral grey in light tints. On the other hand the other form of
carbon, Carbon black (lamp black)  tends to be rather warm.
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> Hi Marek, this is a new one on me; I haven't tried it, but it sounds 
> intriguing. According to handprint, it has the silver luster of 
> graphite, which could be quite appealing. Have you noticed that luster 
> in your gum prints?
> On Jan 23, 2011, at 12:16 PM, Marek Matusz wrote:
> >
> > All,
> > I just started doing gum with graphite pigment. I bought a tube from 
> > Danied Smith, it is called graphite grey. This is the pigment that 
> > is used to make pencils for those that are not very familiar.
> > It is kind of silvery grey but it can be quite dark. It is really a 
> > beautiful alternative to lamp black. I am on a second gum layer and 
> > just realised that I have not preshrunk the paper. It is impossible 
> > to register the second layer. Oh well I will finish just to have an 
> > idea for the two pass tonality.
> > Has anybody tried it?
> > Marek

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