[alt-photo] Gum print & pinhole exhibition

Geoff Chaplin geoff at geoffgallery.net
Sat Jul 9 04:04:22 GMT 2011


If you find yourself in Hokkaido, Japan between 23rd July and 16th August I and a Japanese artist have an exhibition of about 80 prints at the Mombetsu City Museum - details below.

"Two personal views"
~ as seen through the pinhole of a Japanese artist and the gum prints of a British artist ~
Yasu Suzuka & Geoff Chaplin
Saturday 23rd July to Tuesday 16th August 2011
9:30 to 17:00
Closed: Monday (except 15th Aug)
Entrance Free
Mombetsu City Museum
Saiwai-cho 3-1-4, Mombetsu, Hokkaido, Japan 〒094-0005
☎ 0158-23-4236 fax 0158-24-9755 

If anyone is coming from afar let me know when beforehand and I'll try to be there. 

Geoff Chaplin

geoff at geoffgallery.net

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