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BOB KISS bobkiss at caribsurf.com
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No sympathy from me.  My tap water is 80 f year round.  That is what ice and
fridges are for, to lower the temp of processing chems.  I lower everything
to between 68 and 75 f depending on the process and start with a tray or
tank of wash water at same temp.  Then I slooooooooooooooooooooooowly raise
the temp of the water in the tray/tank to 80 f.  As Richard Knoppow will
testify, modern films won't reticulate or have silver grain clumping if the
temp is changed slowly enough.  I raise the temp 2 degrees f every minute so
in about 5 mins and 5 changes of water I have gone from 70 f to 80 f.  Then
I let my filtered tap water do its thing for the rest of the wash cycle.

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It's too damn hot to develop film!  My tap water is coming out at 85!  
I'm developing rolls of film in 45 seconds!



On 7/21/2011 12:16, francis schanberger wrote:
> It's been quiet. We should start up a topic of what we've been working on.
> BTW, I am in Boston away from my 4800 printer and making do with Emmanuel
> College's Epson 3800 to print inkjet negatives. Seems a lot like a high
> maintenance pet. Some days are better than others.
> Today, I am going to pull down two Anthotypes (photogram based) that have
> been in the window for about 3-4 weeks (one three weeks and the other four
> weeks). I'll post the mediocre results on my
> blog<http://francisschanberger.wordpress.com>,
> francisschanberger.wordpress.com. Mediocre because I suspect the paper
> caused some issues.
> I've got a better rose petal one cooking (better paper) and will be making
> yellow Anthotype beginning today.
> -francis
> On Thu, Jul 21, 2011 at 11:55 AM, Robert K Newcomb<newcombr at uga.edu>
>> I didn't know if I missed some announcement or the list is just that
>> Robert
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