[alt-photo] Re: blue toner

Loris Medici mail at loris.medici.name
Mon Mar 7 18:44:50 GMT 2011

See this Francis:
(I'm not sure if sulfuric acid can be replaced with something -
probably - less dangerous. Search the web; I think the unblinkingeye
site had a lot of formulae on-line...)

Also for other blue toners and more:

Hope this helps,

2011/3/7 francis schanberger <frangst at gmail.com>:
> Hi Everyone!
> I'm in a bit of a scramble to make some blue toner from scratch for silver
> gelatin prints (awaiting shipment of a Photographers Formulary kit). I don't
> have the Post Factory Issue handy, but if anyone knows the recipe from PF or
> something similar that uses some components of the Cyanotype process, would
> you email me or the Alt photo Process list?

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