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	I think it is "Sit tibi terra laevis" with an "i" in the first word.

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I really don't know if she worked at some university. She always complained
about the humidity at her place, never a laboratory or such.

I knew her from this list since when she became a member, and I had some
long arguments with her on and off list during several years. But I never
knew much about her, apart that she lived somewhere on the Northern Pacific.
Never knew her age, for example.

I will miss her though.
Set tibi terra laevis.

Tom Sobota
P.S. I wonder what will happen with her website. It would be sad to lose all
that material.

On Thu, Mar 10, 2011 at 12:34 AM, Don Sweet <don at sweetlegal.co.nz> wrote:

> In affectionate recognition of her commitment to accuracy, we should note
> the spelling of our late and much lamented fellow list member's christian
> name - Katharine.
> I have always assumed she was a professor, or attached to a learning-based
> institution.  Is that correct?
> We can, I hope, take comfort from the undiminished vigour of her recent
> postings (see for example on the subject of nicer names for inkjet
> on 12 February last).
> Don Sweet
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