[alt-photo] Re: Katharine Thayer

Christina Anderson zphoto at montana.net
Thu Mar 10 14:45:27 GMT 2011


These are kind words, and the truest statement about Katharine. She was willing to share time and energy greatly and continually, ALL her knowledge. Which is what this list is/should be about. Katharine and I did not always agree, but we did share our passion about gum. I wish this list would experience that passion like it used to before the list moved locations... Even though most of us have not met (though I have always tried to meet people in person when traveling; for instance I will see Don Bryant,Amy George, Sam Wang tomorrow here in beautiful Altanta!) I consider many on this list, which I've been on for twelve years (gasp) and many much longer than that!, true friends at heart. I'm always talking about  y'all with my husband as if I know you! He's heard an earful over the years! So when one member dies, or leaves the list, it is always a sad day, with a hole left in the heart. I bet we have more "funeral friends" here on this list than in person at our funerals one day!

> I think she has made a great contribution towards educating those who wish to practice gum bichromate, and has asked for nothing in return...that is rare!  Thanks so much.
> Peter Friedrichsen

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