[alt-photo] Is this mailing list still active?

Kurt Nagy kakarott76 at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 24 23:23:48 GMT 2011

Hello, my name is Kurt Nagy
This post is just an introduction and to see if there are still people out there.
I'm a traditional (non digital) photograhy student at the University of Central Oklahoma that stumbled across this mailing list while researching Gum Bichromate.  I've read through a majority of the archives at http://www.usask.ca/lists/alt-photo-process/ and learned quite a bit, so thank you in advance.
The last active posts I can find were in 2009 where I assume it moved to the current format but I'm not quite sure if this list is still active, so maybe this message will go no where but I hope not.
I've only made a few test gums and its definitely a lot of trial and error.  My current coating process is
Bostick & Sullivan Bergger paper sized w/ gesso and 3.5% geletin
A stock solution of gum/pigment mixed 3 to 1 ratio
1 part stock, 1 part gum, 1 part potassium dichromate (13% sat.)
Using Winsor & Newton watercolors, lamp black and winsor blue/red/yellow 
Test exposures with my film negative is about 25 min under my UV lamps which seems a bit long from the other posts I've read but my negative is quite dense although it does print fine on normal grade Ilford paper.  
My end goal is to produce tri-color gum using traditional negatives and pinhole, I love the workmanship that goes into traditional and alternative process,

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