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Gordon J. Holtslander gjh at shaw.ca
Sat Mar 26 04:39:13 GMT 2011

Hi Kurt:

Just reading over your message again.  Do you want to do tri-color gum 
from  a pinhole negative?  If so I'm curious about the film you will use.

The bulk of my gum work was done from 8x10 black & white pinhole camera 

I've read that its possible to shoot color transparency film in a 
pinhole camera - filtration is necessary, but to do a tri-color one 
would have to make separation negatives or create digital negatives.


On 3/24/2011 5:23 PM, Kurt Nagy wrote:
> Hello, my name is Kurt Nagy
> This post is just an introduction and to see if there are still people out there.
> I'm a traditional (non digital) photograhy student at the University of Central Oklahoma that stumbled across this mailing list while researching Gum Bichromate.  I've read through a majority of the archives at http://www.usask.ca/lists/alt-photo-process/ and learned quite a bit, so thank you in advance.
> The last active posts I can find were in 2009 where I assume it moved to the current format but I'm not quite sure if this list is still active, so maybe this message will go no where but I hope not.
> I've only made a few test gums and its definitely a lot of trial and error.  My current coating process is
> Bostick&  Sullivan Bergger paper sized w/ gesso and 3.5% geletin
> A stock solution of gum/pigment mixed 3 to 1 ratio
> 1 part stock, 1 part gum, 1 part potassium dichromate (13% sat.)
> Using Winsor&  Newton watercolors, lamp black and winsor blue/red/yellow
> Test exposures with my film negative is about 25 min under my UV lamps which seems a bit long from the other posts I've read but my negative is quite dense although it does print fine on normal grade Ilford paper.
> My end goal is to produce tri-color gum using traditional negatives and pinhole, I love the workmanship that goes into traditional and alternative process,
> Thanks
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