[alt-photo] Re: casein and tsp

Christina Anderson zphoto at montana.net
Sun May 8 23:13:45 GMT 2011

Hi Marek, and Gord,
I am finally done with the semester and it couldn't have come too soon.
I started doing casein with straight PVA--too slick. Then 1+1, still too slick and settled on 1+2. It wasn't that the casein flaked off, but that it just felt too acrylic-y for my tastes.
I have not had staining yet, just in the beginning dealt with gross overexposure which can appear the same but disappears when exposure is corrected. It is SO fast. Highlights clear quickly and immediately.
Next batch of prints I will do with no borders (e.g. a black border around the image digitally to print no brush marks) and that will test my sizing very nicely.

Christina Z. Anderson

On May 6, 2011, at 9:17 AM, Marek Matusz wrote:
> Gord,
> Slightly different:
> 12 g casein, 3g ammonium carbonate, 100g water. DIssolve ammonium carbonate and add casein, mixing with a spoon. My bactericide was 2g of Consan 20 solution (the solution was mixed from concentrate 1:10). It is likely too much, but it works. I waited a day before using. Now a few weeks later the casein solution looks and feels the same. I have been using some FA papers sized with gelating/hardener, my stock gum papers. Chris is using PVA size as far as I can recall from the emails and she noticed that a heavier layer of sieze is needed. I also noticed that on heavier siezed papers the highlights can be much cleaner. On the other hand I just made a print on an unsized paper that looks quite nice.
> Marek

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