[alt-photo] Re: Left over Arista APH(S) Lith film ?

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100 sheets of Ultrafine ortho litho in 8x10 is $54.95. I have used it, and it is good film. 

Earl Johnson 

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Dear All, 

I am still working completely analogue, and I have been using ARISTA APH(S) Lith film (8x10 format) regularly. Both as a in-camera 8*10 film as well as to make enlarged alt negatives (reversal processed a la Liam Lawles) and masks. 

But I am reaching the bottom of my last box, and I found out that Freestyle is not carrying it anymore. So cheap as I am I was wondering if there are perhaps kind people around who still have this film, but due to converting to (all) digital do not use it anymore. I would be grateful to take it over and use it. 

I can be reached at cor at lumc.nl 

Thanks for your time, 


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