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Philippe Berger mineurdecharbon at skynet.be
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I use also a Osram UltraVitalux for my Carbon Transfer. It is perfect, no 


Philippe Berger
mineurdecharbon at skynet.be

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>I have used a tanning lamp, Osram Vitalux, which is a 300W not too 
> UV source. The catch is that it will cover only A3 size or thereabouts
> unless you don't mind a long exposure time. It is safe to use, but it is 
> not
> a point source, since the interior of the lamp is a specular reflector. 
> But
> it might do for your needs.
> Tom
> On Sun, May 22, 2011 at 4:07 AM, Peter Friedrichsen <
> pfriedrichsen at sympatico.ca> wrote:
>> I am imaging onto some lumpy surfaces and want to retain the image
>> sharpness when exposed onto it. The sun is great for this but it is not
>> reliable here especially in the winter months. I even went so far as
>> calculating the shadow sharpness of the sun based on the exposed surfaces
>> distance from the negative, and that told me that I can image up to 900 
>> dpi
>> even if the negative is 1/8 inch away. The only thing I came up with so 
>> far
>> is a naked xenon arc which is probably risky to use since I know those 
>> bulbs
>> can sometimes explode violently without warning, and can also blow a big
>> hole in the bank account. Any ideas?
>> Peter Friedrichsen
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