[alt-photo] Re: OFF TOPIC: FREELISTS?

Richard Knoppow dickburk at ix.netcom.com
Fri May 27 19:30:13 GMT 2011

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>            I have sent test e-mails to all the lists to 
> which I belong.
> None of the freelists have come through; Pure Silver, 
> Hasselblad Users
> Group, Leica list.  I tried to open the www.freelists.org
> <http://www.freelists.org/>  website and it wouldn't open. 
> I did receive my
> Alt Photo test.
>            I know that some of you belong to some of these 
> other lists as
> well as Alt.  Do you have any idea what is going on?
>                        CHEERS!
>                                    BOB
    I wrote Jonn Madden, the owner of Freelists. He said 
they had a power problem due to the heavy weather in the 
Indianapolis area. Their UPS is old and failed. They are 
back up now and are installing a temporary UPS. There will 
be another outage when this goes on line.

Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles
dickburk at ix.netcom.com 

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