[alt-photo] About PVA sizing...

Loris Medici mail at loris.medici.name
Tue Nov 22 13:23:09 GMT 2011

Hi all,

FWIW, just wanted to add this (for the last time):

I don't have any experience with Gamblin's PVA sizing product, but, IME,
	- water / PVAc based
	- waterproof glue
	- which is able to form a
		- (relatively) flexible
		- clear / transparent film
should work well enough.

I personally use a local (= Turkey) product called Filli Boya (= Caparol)
"Fil-fix Şeffaf". It's a multi-purpose glue (mostly for fixing furniture)
which is fully compliant with the above criteria, by diluting it 1+3 (for
some sheen) or 1+4 (virtually no sheen or about the same as gelatin sizing),
even 1+5 with great success.

It's fast / straightforward, non-toxic and very strong / effective; I had
some friends/students who put 9-10 layers on it (don't ask why! Hehehe, and
that was with lots of brush development, BTW...) w/o any adverse effects.
(We were using an assortment of Fabriano papers back then...)

So, I'd definitely recommend some experimentation with a couple of PVAc
glues too; especially for those who can't get the Gamblin product.

My 2c & regards,

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